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31st of January

Z440 in РФ: ул. Демьяна Бедного
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Татарская улица, Центральный район, Новосибирск, городской округ Новосибирск, Новосибирская область, СФО, 630005, РФ

An imagery offset of 3.6 m
Created by Z440 on 2018-01-31
ул. Демьяна Бедного

30th of January

Z440 in Bolivia: San Miguel de Huachi
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San Miguel de Huachi, Municipio Palos Blancos, Provincia Sud Yungas, LPZ, Bolivia

An imagery offset of 9.4 m
Imagery: bing
Created by Z440 on 2018-01-30
San Miguel de Huachi
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